BTS are back together with ARMY in 'Permission to Dance on Stage Concert' following two years. They call it their first performance ``without cheers``

“In December of 2019 we performed an appearance here without realizing it would be a finale show (owing due to the pandemic),” said Suga after returning at his home at the Olympic Stadium with RM, J-Hope Jin, Jimin, JungKook and V.

After the pandemic was cured The ARMY crowd came to the stadium in huge numbers to see the spectacle when Korean Popstars performed. Korean Popstars hit the stage to perform their most popular songs. Due to the protocols of covid-19 the show was different from the other because the audience was not allowed to shout or scream or yell, but only to show their enthusiasm.

“It’s the first time we’ve performed an event like this… A concert without cheers. We’ve had shows with any audience but never that didn’t have shouts. We’re also uncomfortable. If we say “shout,” not do it. You can only clap.” Suga told the crowd. Suga when he interacted with the audience following the performance of their top tracks such as “DNA” Blue and Gray “Fake Love,” and ‘Life Goes on’.

Following their emotional song, V took over the microphone to declare, “‘Life Goes On’ is a song that makes me feel emotional. I felt some heartbreaking emotion.”

As they turned to Jin, V noted that Jin looked extremely exuberant. “I am excited,” Kim Seok-jin admitted. Kim Seok-jin continued by saying, “I was worried about the show when I learned that fans could only take part by applauding. However, everyone is having a blast. Are you enjoying yourself ARMY? Clap for “yes!”

In reminiscing about their concert nearly two and two-and-a-half years ago, J-Hope said “I was looking at a photograph of the concert in the past and it made me think about a number kinds of stuff.”

RM came on stage to start the show and stated, “Ok, no matter the circumstances, we’ve always fought to win and now we’re there with you, and we would like the audience to be aware that we’re in this to be enjoyed! I’m so excited to be part of ARMY for the first time after many years So let’s bring that energy onto on stage.”

Fans were clapping along to the beat of their upbeat music BTS performed to songs like ‘Boy With Luv and ‘Dynamite’ as well as “Butter”. In addition to performing on various venues, BTS also took their performance to the fans seated in the stands, performing in a van that was moving.

Alongside the new track the group have also brought back their golden songs like ‘Outro Wings’. Jimin himself was satisfied with the choice of the track and said “We did not perform Wings for a while after when we performed it during the Speak Yourself concert.”

J-Hope added “It brings me back to the time I was there. I was enthralled by it.”

While the group had a number of songs in their playlist They began their final portion by saying goodbyes. And what better way to do that than by singing “Stay”.

“Just that the show is ending isn’t a guarantee that we will end our dancing. I am confident that we’ll be back soon,” said Band leader RM.

After another set of tunes such as ‘So what’ “Idol,” ‘Home’ and ‘Baepsae’ the group took turns sending an encouraging message to the soldiers returning via video and to the lucky people who attended the concert. J-Hope was the first to lead and stated, “I haven’t been doing very well. Sincerely during the 2.5 years, with covid I didn’t know when it would come to an end. I was waiting for everyone else. This is why I was all that great. But , in the present, all worries were swept away. In the past we’ve been waiting for something for ARMY like online performances. We have also tried performing with no audience but it was difficult to perform. I suppose I’m an artist and realized that I couldn’t sing with no audience. Therefore, I want to thank everyone for being here, I miss you all so much.”

V was the host and was clear even though he was coughing throughout the entire show, he explained, “I’m not positive! I’m at risk of getting fine dust and that’s why I started coughing.”

If he was asked to speak something meaningful and touching, he replied, “It’s been 2.5 years and we had hopes to have a good time tonight. Army, instead of your voice, you clapped this morning and it has made me want to hear your voice more. We have two days left of our show. So let’s create some more memorable memories.”


BTS Permission to Dance On Stage The event took place in Seoul. The first performance will take place on March 10 and the second one will be held on March 12, and the last show is scheduled for the 13th of March.

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