BTS gets on the CBSE class 9 exam as a ``the top K-Pop star`` ARMY ask 'Why don't we have teachers like these?'

South Korean K-pop sensation BTS needs no introduction. The boyband that has a large fan base across the world , including India is now receiving an extra place in the English exam paper to be used in exam Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 9 examination.

The question regarding BTS was element of the English exam’s extensive passage , which highlighted BTS and its fame. The issue was brought to light after a student posted on Twitter and wrote, “Today was my English exam and I scored a good score regarding BTS.”

The entire text read “How do you make Korean popular music turn into a world-wide phenomenon” and then went on to include the ways K-Pop groups such as BTS are gaining popularity across the globe thanks to their stylish, attractive teens or 20-somethings who have and released catchy songs, as well as videos that showcase sophisticated trendy, stylish and cool dancing moves’.

“But while a lot of Korean groups have gained popularity across the globe, BTS is the top K-Pop sensation. In the past 10 years, BTS has sold millions of albums and earned hundreds of billions in YouTube views as well as Spotify streams. Additionally, they’ve become one of South Korean’s most important exports, bringing around billions US dollars to the nation,” read another paragraph of the article with the reference to BTS fans, also known as ARMY, in the context of.

When the image of the exam sheet was posted on Twitter The ARMY community took over the micro-blogging site in responses hoping to get questions regarding BTS in their examinations shortly.

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