BTS: J-Hope reacts when Jin revealed that he has lost 4 kg and asks to purchase a meal for him

BTS member Jin announced that he’s lost four pounds, possibly due to contracting Covid-19. In a post on Instagram, J-Hope posted a few photos of himself while he was outside to soak in the winter sunshine.

In the images J-Hope can be seen wearing white T-shirts, grey-colored pants , and an beige coat. He also put on a beanie and an eye mask, and sneakers. He took a selfie in the lush greenery. The post was shared by him and the photographer wrote “#outfit” followed by shushing face, wearing a mask and blue face emoticons.

In translation into English in Korean via Instagram user Taeluvin, Jin commented, “Jwe-Hope I lost 4kilo (grams). You should have to buy me a meal.” “Jjwan…I feel sorry about that (crying face emoji),” J-Hope replied in the form of a translation by BTS Weverse, an Instagram user. BTS Weverse translator. The post has racked up more than 63 lakh followers in just 12 hours.

In the early hours of the morning, BTS’ agency Big Hit Music informed fans that Jin and RM are fully recovered from Covid-19 and have been removed from quarantine. Both confirmed positive for novel coronavirus on the 25th of December.

Although neither of them displayed any specific symptoms while in quarantine Jin suffered from a slight fever at the time he began treatment at home, but has since recovered to a complete recovery, according to the agency.

BTS’ Suga, who was positive for Covid-19 the day prior to RM and Jin were removed in quarantine this morning following Suga was able to recover.

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