BTS’ Jin to have limited performance in upcoming LA concerts after surgery

BTS’ Jin to have limited performance in upcoming LA concerts after surgery

"It was the judgment of the medical experts that Jin should refrain from strenuous movement since any effect on his finger owing to the number of activities increased more than necessary, while he is still recovering from the injury, may necessitate another surgery," BTS' agency Big Hit explained.
"While the artist has expressed a strong desire to fully engage in the performance, our company has opted to heed physician advice and limit Jin's movements during the BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LAS VEGAS concerts on all of the dates listed above" (April 8, 9, 15, 16). As a result, Jin's choreography and stage performance will be restricted in several ways. "We appeal for your patience and support from all of our supporters," it continued.

BTS’ Jin goes to surgery after injuring his index finger

BTS’ Jin goes to surgery after injuring his index finger

K-Pop boyband BTS' member Jin aka Kim Seok-jin needed to be rushed to the emergency as he injured his left index finger. The band’s agency Big Hit Music launched a declaration revealing that Jin needed to go through a surgical treatment on his finger. He required surgical treatment because the tendons of his finger were damaged.

“Jin injured his left index finger at some point of his day by day sports and visited the emergency room at a clinic close by for exam and remedy on Friday, March 18. He consulted docs and become advised he required surgical treatment because the tendons withinside the finger were in part damaged. He underwent surgical treatment to restore the extensor in his left index finger at the afternoon of Friday, March 18.”

the surgical treatment become a hit and Jin become discharged from the clinic. “The surgical treatment went well, consistent with the docs. He become discharged from the clinic at the morning of Saturday, March 19 and has been resting. He will put on a solid in the mean time for stabilisation and a rapid recovery. Jin will awareness on relaxation and remedy to absolutely get over the damage in correct health,” the declaration in addition read.

BTS’ Jimin to make K-drama’s OST debut in the form of Our Blues, ARMY says”We’ve been waiting for this for a long time’

BTS Jimin to make K-drama's OST debut in the form of Our Blues.

BTS members Jimin is ready to perform his first song in a K-drama the upcoming drama Our Blues. The tvN drama is set to debut the 9th of April. We Blues is a TV series featuring Lee Byung-hun Shin Min-a, Shin Byung-hun, as well as Cha Seung-won. The show also stars Lee Jung-eun Uhm Jung-hwa, Han Jimin and Kim Woo Bin.


This week, Soompi the Yamyam Entertainment source revealed that "Jimin will be a part of the cast as an OST performer for tvN's latest weekend drama Our Blues. As a top group in BTS's world, Jimin will join us, we'll invigorate the drama by releasing a stunning OST song that blends perfectly with the narrative." Yamyam Entertainment is an entertainment company that is responsible for creating the OST to Our Blues.

The drama was created by Noh Hee Kyung who is well-known for shows like It's OK, That's Love; That Winter, The Wind Blows; Dear My Friends, and Live. The drama is set against the setting to Jeju Island.


BTS gets on the CBSE class 9 exam as a “the top K-Pop star”

BTS gets on the CBSE class 9 exam as a ``the top K-Pop star`` ARMY ask 'Why don't we have teachers like these?'

South Korean K-pop sensation BTS needs no introduction. The boyband that has a large fan base across the world , including India is now receiving an extra place in the English exam paper to be used in exam Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 9 examination.

The question regarding BTS was element of the English exam's extensive passage , which highlighted BTS and its fame. The issue was brought to light after a student posted on Twitter and wrote, "Today was my English exam and I scored a good score regarding BTS."

The entire text read "How do you make Korean popular music turn into a world-wide phenomenon" and then went on to include the ways K-Pop groups such as BTS are gaining popularity across the globe thanks to their stylish, attractive teens or 20-somethings who have and released catchy songs, as well as videos that showcase sophisticated trendy, stylish and cool dancing moves'.

"But while a lot of Korean groups have gained popularity across the globe, BTS is the top K-Pop sensation. In the past 10 years, BTS has sold millions of albums and earned hundreds of billions in YouTube views as well as Spotify streams. Additionally, they've become one of South Korean's most important exports, bringing around billions US dollars to the nation," read another paragraph of the article with the reference to BTS fans, also known as ARMY, in the context of.

When the image of the exam sheet was posted on Twitter The ARMY community took over the micro-blogging site in responses hoping to get questions regarding BTS in their examinations shortly.


BTS are back together with ARMY in ‘Permission to Dance on Stage Concert’ following two years. They call it their first performance “without cheers”

BTS are back together with ARMY in 'Permission to Dance on Stage Concert' following two years. They call it their first performance ``without cheers``

"In December of 2019 we performed an appearance here without realizing it would be a finale show (owing due to the pandemic)," said Suga after returning at his home at the Olympic Stadium with RM, J-Hope Jin, Jimin, JungKook and V.

After the pandemic was cured The ARMY crowd came to the stadium in huge numbers to see the spectacle when Korean Popstars performed. Korean Popstars hit the stage to perform their most popular songs. Due to the protocols of covid-19 the show was different from the other because the audience was not allowed to shout or scream or yell, but only to show their enthusiasm.

"It's the first time we've performed an event like this... A concert without cheers. We've had shows with any audience but never that didn't have shouts. We're also uncomfortable. If we say "shout," not do it. You can only clap." Suga told the crowd. Suga when he interacted with the audience following the performance of their top tracks such as "DNA" Blue and Gray "Fake Love," and 'Life Goes on'.

Following their emotional song, V took over the microphone to declare, "'Life Goes On' is a song that makes me feel emotional. I felt some heartbreaking emotion."

As they turned to Jin, V noted that Jin looked extremely exuberant. "I am excited," Kim Seok-jin admitted. Kim Seok-jin continued by saying, "I was worried about the show when I learned that fans could only take part by applauding. However, everyone is having a blast. Are you enjoying yourself ARMY? Clap for "yes!"

In reminiscing about their concert nearly two and two-and-a-half years ago, J-Hope said "I was looking at a photograph of the concert in the past and it made me think about a number kinds of stuff."

RM came on stage to start the show and stated, "Ok, no matter the circumstances, we've always fought to win and now we're there with you, and we would like the audience to be aware that we're in this to be enjoyed! I'm so excited to be part of ARMY for the first time after many years So let's bring that energy onto on stage."

Fans were clapping along to the beat of their upbeat music BTS performed to songs like 'Boy With Luv and 'Dynamite' as well as "Butter". In addition to performing on various venues, BTS also took their performance to the fans seated in the stands, performing in a van that was moving.

Alongside the new track the group have also brought back their golden songs like 'Outro Wings'. Jimin himself was satisfied with the choice of the track and said "We did not perform Wings for a while after when we performed it during the Speak Yourself concert."

J-Hope added "It brings me back to the time I was there. I was enthralled by it."

While the group had a number of songs in their playlist They began their final portion by saying goodbyes. And what better way to do that than by singing "Stay".

"Just that the show is ending isn't a guarantee that we will end our dancing. I am confident that we'll be back soon," said Band leader RM.

After another set of tunes such as 'So what' "Idol," 'Home' and 'Baepsae' the group took turns sending an encouraging message to the soldiers returning via video and to the lucky people who attended the concert. J-Hope was the first to lead and stated, "I haven't been doing very well. Sincerely during the 2.5 years, with covid I didn't know when it would come to an end. I was waiting for everyone else. This is why I was all that great. But , in the present, all worries were swept away. In the past we've been waiting for something for ARMY like online performances. We have also tried performing with no audience but it was difficult to perform. I suppose I'm an artist and realized that I couldn't sing with no audience. Therefore, I want to thank everyone for being here, I miss you all so much."

V was the host and was clear even though he was coughing throughout the entire show, he explained, "I'm not positive! I'm at risk of getting fine dust and that's why I started coughing."

If he was asked to speak something meaningful and touching, he replied, "It's been 2.5 years and we had hopes to have a good time tonight. Army, instead of your voice, you clapped this morning and it has made me want to hear your voice more. We have two days left of our show. So let's create some more memorable memories."


BTS Permission to Dance On Stage The event took place in Seoul. The first performance will take place on March 10 and the second one will be held on March 12, and the last show is scheduled for the 13th of March.

BTS: V’s quarantine ends after making full recovery from Covid-19

BTS: V's quarantine ends after making full recovery from Covid-19

BTS member V's quarantine is over following a full recuperation of Covid-19 the agency of the group Big Hit Music informed ARMY on Tuesday. V had been diagnosed with coronavirus this week, after he went to the hospital complaining of a moderate irritation to his throat'.

BTS agency's statement on the fan community forum Weverse reads, "Hello. This is Big Hit Music. We would like to inform you that BTS member V has made a full recovery from Covid-19 and his quarantine has concluded as of today, February 22. V has been receiving treatment from home from Tuesday the 15th, and he is now able to return to his daily activities."

It further stated that "V did not exhibit any particular symptoms during his quarantine. He had a slight fever when he first began treatment at home but has since made a full recovery."

"We would like to express our gratitude to all the fans who have shown concerns for the artist's health as well as those in the medical field who are doing their best to overcome Covid-19. We will continue to place the health of the artists as our top priority and vigilantly follow the health care guidelines. Thank you," ended the statement.

In the early hours of Monday, V took to his Instagram Stories and posted two videos with messages to the BTS Fandom and the ARMY. In the first clip of V standing in front of the camera, he wrote, "Thank you for worrying about me, I've fully recovered thanks to you." The second clip reads "You're sweet to worry have a good day."

BTS cancels US trip after GRAMMYs get postponed

BTS cancels US trip after GRAMMYs get postponed

K-Pop group BTS It has been confirmed that their trip to the USA was canceled due to the covid-19 issue and also because due to the 64th Grammy Awards being postponed indefinitely. The Recording Academy It was announced in a statement on the Thursday, that the concert was delayed for the second time in a row because of the widespread spread of the Omicron variation across the nation. At first the Grammys The event was scheduled to be held on January 31 , at The Arena in Los Angeles.

BTS received the band their 2nd Grammy nomination in the category of 'Best group performance or Pop duo' category for their smash single "Butter". Although the group received their first nomination in the year 2000 for their hit song "Dynamite," and played on stage, they did not be able to attend the awards ceremony. However, this year they had been rumored to be planning to attend the awards ceremony, "but after being informed of the ceremony's postponement, we have halted all plans for the group to head to the US," the group said in a statement issued to Korean Media outlets.

This announcement led to ARMY to Korea to believe that there were changes made to the Seoul concert as well. To clear the air of speculations about the show the representative said "There are currently no schedule changes to BTS's upcoming Seoul concert in March."

“Butter” by BTS is the most ranked song with the highest downloads in the US

``Butter`` by BTS is the most ranked song with the highest downloads in the US

K-pop supergroup BTS The group has been honoured with selling the highest-selling digital song this year within the United States for the second time. 'Butter' Top of the charts across the US with 1.89 million downloaded downloads in the annual report that was published in the hands of MRC Data and Billboard jointly on Thursday (US time), Yonhap news Agency announced.


The 2020 year will see the group will be a 'Dynamite' was the most popular seller, with 1.26 million units sold.
The summery disco-pop tune first came to the market in May, the group's second single in English and was able to stay for 10 non-consecutive weeks at the top of the 'Billboard Hot 100 chart. With 'Butter' being the only exception, just 40 songs have reached this record within Billboard history.

In a distant second in the year-end rankings was 'Fancy Like' by Walker Hayes The song has sold downloads of 499,000. Butter was the only track that sold more than one million downloaded in United States last year.

It is the South Korean group, in fact, had a significant presence in the digital music sales category. It was the sole contributor to just four out of the 10 top posts including "Permission to Dance" 3rd place with 404,000 downloads "Dynamite" is in sixth place with thirty8,000 downloads with 308,000; and 'My Universe' The single is a collaboration with British rock group Coldplay 7th place and 287,000 downloaded.


BTS also made the top of the best-selling physical album charts with their fourth full-length album 'Map Of the Soul: 7' in 2020 however, it failed to make the top of the list in the year after.

BTS: J-Hope reacts when Jin revealed that he has lost 4 kg and asks to purchase a meal for him

BTS: J-Hope reacts when Jin revealed that he has lost 4 kg and asks to purchase a meal for him

BTS member Jin announced that he's lost four pounds, possibly due to contracting Covid-19. In a post on Instagram, J-Hope posted a few photos of himself while he was outside to soak in the winter sunshine.

In the images J-Hope can be seen wearing white T-shirts, grey-colored pants , and an beige coat. He also put on a beanie and an eye mask, and sneakers. He took a selfie in the lush greenery. The post was shared by him and the photographer wrote "#outfit" followed by shushing face, wearing a mask and blue face emoticons.

In translation into English in Korean via Instagram user Taeluvin, Jin commented, "Jwe-Hope I lost 4kilo (grams). You should have to buy me a meal." "Jjwan...I feel sorry about that (crying face emoji)," J-Hope replied in the form of a translation by BTS Weverse, an Instagram user. BTS Weverse translator. The post has racked up more than 63 lakh followers in just 12 hours.

In the early hours of the morning, BTS' agency Big Hit Music informed fans that Jin and RM are fully recovered from Covid-19 and have been removed from quarantine. Both confirmed positive for novel coronavirus on the 25th of December.

Although neither of them displayed any specific symptoms while in quarantine Jin suffered from a slight fever at the time he began treatment at home, but has since recovered to a complete recovery, according to the agency.

BTS' Suga, who was positive for Covid-19 the day prior to RM and Jin were removed in quarantine this morning following Suga was able to recover.

BTS’ Suga tests negative for COVID-19

BTS’ Suga tests negative for COVID-19

According to several Korean news media the official announcement read "Hello This is the Big Hit Music.We want we inform you of the fact that BTS member SUGA has completed a complete recovery from COVID-19 and his treatment has ended at the time of writing (January 3, 2019) at 12 noon. Suga who was being treated at home for the last 10 days starting on Friday 24 December and is now back to his normal routine. Suga did not show any specific symptoms during his stay in quarantine. He is recovering at home, resting and recuperating."


"We would like to thank all fans who have shown concern for the artist's health as well as those in the medical field who are doing their best to overcome COVID-19.We will continue to place the health of the artists as our top priority and vigilantly follow health care guidelines.Thank you" it said.


Suga was infected with the virus shortly before Christmas 2021, after having returned to South Korea From the US in the US, where from the US where Bangtan Boys held their 'Permission to Dance On Stage at the concert in LA.



In addition, two of their bandmates, RM and Jin are now in isolation following their tests. Jin and RM were also positive for the drug on the 25th of December. RM has previously stated that his health was "very good", days after fans expressed concern about the two boys online. BTS is the management company for BTS. Big Hit Entertainment had said in a statement issued on Saturday that similar to Suga, RM and Jin were also infected with the disease following their return to the US.

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