How K-pop Became A Global Phenomenon

Kpop. It’s a term used in the world to describe the singers of South Korea. From an initial South Korean favorite into a global sensation in just two months, Kpop has risen to the heights of fame in a relatively short amount of time. What is the reason Kpop gained fame within only a short time? Choreography, vocals and style.

In the early 1990s South Korean music was just beginning to develop with the popular boy group named Seo Taiji and the Boys. The group was acknowledged as altering their direction in the South Korean music industry by creating the first choreography that was extremely coordinated with rapping talent that was exceptional. The music genre that is Korean pop was starting to develop because Koreans discovered it to be quite popular. The most popular Kpop track is comprised of a bunch of females or males dancing together that’s not seen in western culture. Kpop groups such as BTS, WINNER, GOT7, Red Velvet and TWICE are composed of music with stunning dance moves that aren’t only stylish, but also appear to be in tune with each other. As with the king of pop, Michael Jackson, Kpop comprises music that is the combination of vocals and dance (or both simultaneously).

The country of South Korea, there are three major agencies that basically run the entire Kpop industry: YG Group, SMTown, and JYP Entertainment. These three agencies are known with their own artists such as Big Bang, GOT7, BLACKPINK, TWICE, Red Velvet along with NCT 127. However, currently, there’s an agency of a smaller size that is beginning to make waves because of a well-known boy group right now, Big Hit Entertainment, which is credited this moment for their successes with their boy group, BTS. Fun fact: almost all Kpop songs aren’t explicit (meaning that everyone can listen to it with no age limit). This makes Kpop popular with a larger public (from older to young) that are able to listen to music with no any hesitation (only once you’ve gotten over being aware that the music is performed with Korean and not English). The most adored boy group, BTS, has turned from a small band of singers belonging to a lesser-known entertainment company known as Big Hit Entertainment into a world-wide phenomenon. Fans call themselves Army. In contrast to others Kpop performers, BTS is considered the mainstay of the today’s Kpop fans because of their success in the West. What people aren’t aware of about Kpop is the controversy that surrounds Kpop performers in keeping their contracts and their image and trying to conceal their image from the public.

A while ago the news from CNN refers to a well-known singer, Hyuna, that sparked protests against her company because dating isn’t allowed. This isn’t just her agency which has this policy, but others Kpop agencies also follow the policy of not revealing their personal information as well as having the “No dating” rule. According to former Kpop participants and stars they have stated that appearances are extremely important when you become an Kpop star , and sometimes this leads to cosmetic surgery. Many, if not all are required to follow strict diet regimens that is based on limiting their calories intake in order to maintain an appropriate weight. Certain Kpop companies also employ extreme measures to record your body fat and weight percentage in order to track the progress you make in your diet.

A majority, if certainly not all Kpop trainees are reported to work for at minimum 12 hours every day. many of them are students in high school, middle school, or university. Although they undergo an intense training program for about two years before they’re capable of presenting themselves on stage, some of them don’t have the opportunity to perform or record an album. This exposes the darker aspect of Kpop in which artists have to surrender certain private aspects of their lives to become an Kpop superstar, as well as suffering from deep-seated consequences that may be later, having an impact on who they are an individual human being. Yes, Kpop has inspired millions of people across the globe because of their amazing songs, however it has has also caused a lot of criticism from people due to their unfair treatment of humans as human beings.

While all the critics are pointing fingers who would have imagined that in a relatively short time span the emergence of a new music style from a different country that uses an additional language than English could become a huge success in the world? From my viewpoint, Kpop has turned into an international phenomenon because of its distinctiveness in pop culture in comparison to western culture due to its high-energy dance movements and catchy beats that offer listeners with a new experience of listening unlike any other. Kpop’s aim has always been to delight the people of South Korea, but with the emergence of new stars (like BTS and BLACKPINK) becoming a cult favorite in areas such as Europe, the US, Europe, and Asia

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